As dusk deepens to full night, the din of the tavern grows to a cacophony of laughs, grunts, belches, and clinks and clacks of plates and mugs amid a sea of conversation indecipherable from the babbling of babes. Warriors in weathered chain bite hungrily into cuts of too rare meat while beady-eyed scoundrels drink frothy ale from worn mugs and robed men adorned with strange baubles and runes study dusty tomes, oblivious to the chaos around them. A plump barmaid delivers yet another round to the table of obnoxiously loud dwarves, even as a cudgel carrying merc tosses a drunk who got too handsy with the provocatively dressed half-elven server. And although no one notices the wizened old man as he moves through the crowded alehouse to take a position on the small raised dais by the fireplace, all fall silent as he raises his near skeletal arm in the air.

“Know ye the tale of the heroes of Aeldia?” He begins, his ancient voice cracking like his leathery flesh.

“Heard ye of their deeds, both great and small?”
“Recall ye the saga of their triumphs and pitfalls?”
“No? Then hearken ye well visitors, for though you may dismiss this as myth and legend, their chronicles are as real as you or I….”

“Shadow over Aeldia” is a 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons game set in the fictional realm of Aeldia. The world itself is a re-envisoning of the world as presented in the Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide core rulebooks. The game takes place in a world of high fantasy in the dark ages following the fall of a great empire, similar to medieval Europe after the decline of the Roman Empire. Magic, adventure, mystery, and intrigue abound as the players find themselves to be a beacon of hope in a world with an uncertain future.

Shadow over Aeldia

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